Every Module has sessions

AMR training is organized into modules and sessions. Every Module has a number of sessions. Each session is presented in the form of PDFs, videos, graphics and quizzes. At the end of the session, you will be required to take a quiz which will contribute to your score in the module and will be considered for the award of a certificate. 

Discussion helps you learn

At the end of each module, there is a discussion forum. In the forum, each learner is expected to post a question, and comment on what other learners have posted in the form of questions or comments. 

Why do we often ask you to discuss sessions in this course?

It’s because a discussion is a very good way to improve your understanding. It helps you think, reflect and learn from others. You can share your experience with other learners here, and you can learn about the experiences of your fellow learners.

Learners in the course will benefit from each other through peer learning. As we will see, you all have experience. Sharing those experiences will help everyone on the course to learn better and learn more than the content posted on the eLearning platform.

Quizzes are a way to practice and earn certificate/CPD points

After you’ve read or listened to something in this course, you will often see a quiz.

Quizzes are a good way to practice what you have learnt. Do not worry if you make a mistake in a quiz – nobody is watching or checking. Mistakes are just a sign that you might need to review a session again.

There is one type of quiz:

  • multiple-choice, where you must choose one or more correct answers from a list

It is important to attempt quizzes in all the sessions in all modules. Take the quizzes as seriously as you can as they are an important aide to your learning and for getting feedback on how you are doing in the session.

Thinking about thinking

Discussions and questions to help you reflect on your learning.

Reflection is sometimes called ‘thinking about thinking’. People also say it is like looking in a mirror and describing what you see about yourself.

Reflection is a very good way to remember what you have learnt, and also to improve how you learn instead of doing the same thing again and again.